We have just started our 3rd (and second to last unit of the year).  Our unit is "The Birth of Rocks".  Our first and second mysteries focused on volcanoes, rocks, and Earth's surface. Mystery 3 focuses on Weathering and Destructive Forces.  Mystery 4 focuses on Erosion, Natural Disasters, and Engineering.

Our first question was if a volcano could pop up in our backyard. In this Mystery, students explore the past and present pattern of where volcanoes exist on the earth. In the activity, students use coordinates to locate volcanoes along the “Ring of Fire.” 

Our second question asks why some volcanoes explode.  In this Mystery, students will investigate how differences in lava types explain differences in the shape and eruption patterns among volcanoes. In the activity, students will experiment with “lava” of different thicknesses to solve the mystery.
Molten Paradise